Middle East Technical University
Mechanical Engineering Deparment
ME 705 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Incompressible Flows
Spring 2020 (Dr. C. Sert)


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Grades of Homework 3 and 4 are announced.


Grades of Homework 1 are announced.


Grades of Homework 2 are announced.


Homework 5 and related input files are uploaded. This is an extra homework for those who could not submit a regular one or not happy with one of the submissions.


Lecture notes for Chapter 7 is uploaded.


Projection (fractional step) method code and two related handouts are uploaded.


Lecture notes for Chapter 6 is uploaded.


Handout 11 is uploaded. It is about colocated grid solutions with and without Rhie-Chow interpolation.


Lecture notes for the 2nd part of Chapter 5 is uploaded.


Lecture notes for Chapter 5, two new handouts and a new MATLAB code for the colocated SIMPLE algorithm are uploaded.


Homework 4 is assigned.


Handout 7 is available at the Files page. It is about the computer implementation of the SIMPLE algorithm. Please study it before studying the SIMPLE code that I am going to share with you.

First version of the SIMPLE code and the related Handout 8, explaining it and sharing sample results of it, are available at the course web site.


Lecture notes for Chapter 4 is available at the Files page. We've already covered the first 12 pages of this in our lectures before the COVID-19 break. Please study its remaining pages. Next, I will share with you a MATLAB code based on the SIMPLE algorithm.


I hope you are all in good health. As you know, we are asked to continue our teaching activities in the form of distance education. I will continue delivering the lectures through handouts and codes. Please check your METU emails regularly and make sure that the mails coming from me705@metu.edu.tr do not end up in your junk folder. Try to keep in touch with me as much as possible. Let me know what you think and what you want. Give me feedback, ask questions.


Hw 3 is assigned.


Handout 6 and Vorticity-Streamfunction codes are available at the Files page.


Handout 5 is available at the Files page.


Handout 4 is available at the Files page.
Hw 2 is assigned.


2D Adv-Diff code is available at the Files page.


Handout 3 is available at the Files page.
Hw 1 is assigned.


List of students who can take the course is available at the Files page.
First two handouts and the first MATLAB code are available at the Files page.


Course policy for the Spring 2020 semester is uploaded. Please check the Files page.