Middle East Technical University
Mechanical Engineering Deparment
ME 582 Finite Element Analysis in Thermofluids
Spring 2018


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steady1D.m MATLAB code and sample input files, and Handout 4 that explains them are available at the Files page.

Study Set 3 (including Homework 3) is available at the Files page.


In Q4 of Hw 2 there should be "k" in the differential equation as shown below. You need it because "k" is different in each material. Sorry for noticing this mistake too late.

-d/dr(k r dT/dr)= 0

And a small warning for Q1. In the Adv.-Diff. equation we used in Chapter 2, there was a minus sign in front of the diffusion term. With that minus sign the boundary terms of the weak form were like + (w SV)_a + (w SV)_b . But in this question there is no minus sign in front of the second order term. So be careful not to make sign mistakes for NBC and MBC.


In part (c) of Q3 of Hw2, length of each element is given as 0.01 m. It should be 0.015 m.


I got some questions about Q1 of Hw2. Right hand side function f is not constant, but a function of x. When you change your integration variable from x to ksi, you also need to express all the x's in f(x) in terms of ksi. Just replacing x with ksi will not work. You need to use the x-ksi relation, which is different for each element. Therefore you need to calculate separate Fe's for each element. See Example 2.7 of Handout 3, where a DE with a non-constant coefficient is solved. As mentioned in other questions of the homework, you can use computer to calculate the integrals and automate or semi-automate the solution.

Last lecture, I might have made a mistake in writing the quadratic shape functions on the board. They should be as follows. Please check and correct them in case there is a mistake.
S1 = 0.5*ksi*(ksi-1)
S2 = (1-ksi*ksi)
S3 = 0.5*ksi*(ksi+1)


"Handout 3 - Examples of Chapter 2" and the second study set (including the second homework) are available at the Files page.


Spring 2018 Syllabus is available at the Files page.

Here is the list of students who can take the course. Any student whose name is not on the list can attend the lectures as an audience.


ME 582 web site is getting ready for the new semester. Hope to see you in the first lecture.