Middle East Technical University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
ME 485 Computational Fluid Dynamics using Finite Volume Method
Fall 2020 (Dr. Sert)


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For the rest of the semester, please follow this course from ODTU Class. No more announcements will be posted here. File sharing will also be done through ODTU Class.


The first tutorial and the first homework are available at the Files page.

The Zoom Meeting ID and the password you need to attend the lectures is the same for every lecture. I've already posted them here before the first lecture, and then removed them. Please ask one of your firends or send me an email if you need them.


List of students who can take the course is available in the Files page. Please let me know as soon as possible if your name is in the list but you no longer want to take the course.


Please use the following information to join today's lecture, which will be delivered via Zoom.
My personal Zoom meeting ID: REMOVED (Please send me an email if you need this info)
Password: REMOVED (Please send me an email if you need this info)


Slides of Chapter 1 are uploaded. Have a look at the Files page.


Students who want to take this course should fill out this online survey. Please fill it before the first lecture.


Here is the Fall 2020 Syllabus.


Read the FAQ page to learn the prerequisites of this course. In order to be able to take it, you need to attend the first lecture.


ME 485 web site is getting ready for the new semester. Currently I am working on the syllabus and I'll post it here when it is ready.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we'll be following distance education practices. We'll have our lectures during our regular lecture hours, but using a video conferencing tool. I'll post the details here before the first lecture.